Vehicle Emissions Derate Exemption

Cummins is aware there has been concern from fire and emergency vehicle users that aftertreatment systems hamper their ability to complete missions (via engine derates and shutdowns) and cause undue hardship for this market. Cummins is committed to our customers and have worked closely with various organizations such as US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Fire Apparatus Manufacturers Association (FAMA) to address this concern and help educate customers on how the Cummins Aftertreatment System works.

In 2012, the EPA released a regulatory announcement and Direct Final Rule (DFR) outlining a voluntary program that allows engine manufacturers flexibility to provide relief to emergency vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks so they would no longer face vehicle speed or engine power disruptions related to their diesel emissions control systems. Cummins worked alongside EPA and other stakeholders to best understand the needs of our customers as we defined and implemented our solution.

A new engine calibration is now available for 2013 diesel engines with emergency vehicle ratings that eliminates all emissions related vehicle speed or engine torque derates.  Following are more details on the new 2013 engine calibration for fire and emergency vehicles and what it means for customers with EPA 2013 engines and engines built prior to 2013.

Customer FAQ Document
EPA Regulatory Announcement

Cummins Driver Tips Cards
Driver Tips Card for EPA 2013 Engines
Driver Tips Card for EPA 2010 Engines (Pre-2013)

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