No other engine company powers more trucks, in more countries, than Cummins.

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The Power of choice

Every one of engines comes with innovation you can depend on, and that’s why Cummins is the power of choice for trucks that demand day-in, day-out reliability while achieving the highest levels of fuel efficiency. Cummins engines can be found wherever the work is toughest, from the frozen roads of Siberia to the Saudi desert, from climbing mountain roads in the Himalayas of India to crossing the rough tracks of the outback in Australia. With Cummins, every operator can be sure that engine durability is built-in and comes with a lineage that extends all the way back to the mid-1930s with the famous Model H, the first heavy-duty truck diesel in America.

Hydrogen Power

Developing Hydrogen Engines

Developing Hydrogen Engines

Cummins is moving ahead with a hydrogen-fueled engine program focused on developing a medium-duty 6.7-litre and heavy-duty 15-litre truck engine based on next generation platforms, aiming to deliver near-zero carbon emissions while achieving improved thermal efficiency and enhanced power density. A significant advantage of hydrogen engines is their ability to reduce truck re-development timelines, as vehicle integration will mirror that of current powertrains and retain many existing components, offering a simpler and faster path towards fleet decarbonization.

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