Land-Based Drilling Power Modules

Cummins Land-Based Drilling Power Modules are designed and tested based on oil field customer requirements to provide optimum performance, reliability, and versatility for oil and gas land drilling applications. The entire power module is designed, developed, assembled, and tested at the Cummins Oil and Gas Center of Excellence. These processes ensure that the customer receives a top-quality product that meets or exceeds specifications and expectations.

QSK50-DPM and KTA50-DPM – Better. Every Well.

land-based drilling power module

These drilling power modules offer the confidence of a fully supported, single-company product, along with highly customizable features like integrated AVK or Kato Alternators, multiple Cooling System options, and a Full-Authority Electronic Generator Control System including Air Shutoff Valves.

Power comes from the legendary Cummins QSK50 or KTA50 four-stroke diesel engine, providing reliable power, low emissions, and fast response to load changes.

  • The QSK50 engine uses Cummins MCRS Fuel System technology to deliver a rating of 1480 hp (1103 kWm) at 1200rpm, while meeting EPA Tier2 Emissions standards. This engine is coupled with a form-wound alternator sized for drilling rig service (1750 KVA).
  • The KTA50 engine uses the robust Cummins PT Fuel System to deliver a rating of 1750 hp (1306 kWm) at 1500rpm. This engine is coupled with a 1900 KVA alternator and engine-driven Cooling Fan.

These packages come with the standard Cummins factory warranty you can depend on, valid globally, everywhere Cummins-authorized service is available.

An engine brochure for the QSK50 and package brochures for the KTA50 DPM and QSK50 DPM are available in our brochures library.

For more information, contact your local Cummins Distributor.

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