Customer Testimonial - Independence Contract Drilling

Two years ago, Independence Contract Drilling (ICD) decided to make a strategic shift, leveraging external expertise and economies of scale available from component manufacturers in the design and construction of their rigs. This included outsourcing both the drilling power module and skidded assemblies, with the decision based on a potential partner’s ability to work with ICD from design through manufacturing and testing, then following through with a complete support strategy.

Customer Inspired Solutions - Independence Contract Drilling

Where: Houston, TX
Application: 1500-hp Drilling Rigs
Project: Dual Fuel Unit Engineering, Manufacturing, Testing and Support
Results: Industry-Leading Uptime, With Instantaneous 0%-100% Ramp-Up

Several factors were instrumental in the decision to choose Cummins. First, Cummins demonstrated an ability to listen carefully to ICD’s input, and custom-design solutions that met its drilling power module specifications. Second, a detailed cost analysis on projected maintenance expense savings and life-to-overhaul projections convinced ICD of the value proposition. Cummins also demonstrated to ICD the ramp-up capabilities of the Cummins engine with respect to load changes and the Modular Common Rail Fuel System (MCRS). But it was the seamless coordination between the Cummins Houston Center Of Excellence (COE) and the local Cummins distributor – Cummins Southern Plains – ensuring that Cummins would be fully invested in maintaining and enhancing equipment uptime and productivity for ICD that clinched the deal.

Watch the video below to see the Cummins – ICD story and the incredible results. You can also read the case study brochure for more information.

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