Diesel Fuel Storage and Transfer

The process of storing fuel and transferring fuel from the storage tanks to the fuel tank of a piece of equipment is a major source of fuel contamination. Connections, hoses, pumps, filters and the delivery system all have effects on the fuel.

Between the storage tank and the fuel tank of a piece of equipment, there will be any number of hoses and piping. Damage to and poor maintenance of these hoses and pipes leave opportunities for foreign material to enter the fuel.

Here are some tips to help you maintain your fuel’s cleanliness and quality while being stored and transferred:

  • Use only hoses and piping that are specifically designed to be used with diesel fuel
  • Check the fuel pumps that enable the movement of the fuel for damage, as they are an easy gateway for particles to enter the fuel
  • Routinely ensure that the nozzle that enters the fuel tank of the equipment seals and is properly maintained and cleaned
  • Perform preventative maintenance on all transfer equipment
  • Routinely inspect and replace any and all worn or aged parts including caps, seals, gaskets and filters
  • Purchase the correct fuel for the environment that it will be stored in and store according to the environment
  • Completely empty and clean the tanks periodically(Your fuel supplier could help to determine the right schedule)
  • On your equipment, follow OEM guidelines for service and maintenance intervals on the fuel tank and filter.
  • It is imperative to follow the Cummins fuel filter maintenance intervals and to buy genuine Cummins filters through your local Cummins distributor

For more information, contact your local Cummins Distributor.

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