C Gas Plus

Power 250 - 280 hp
186 - 209 kW
Torque 660 - 850 lb-ft
895 - 1152 N•m


Euro Truck & Bus Heavy-Duty Truck Transit Bus


Following six years of reliable performance, the C Gas Plus engine has been replaced by the ISL G in North America. For Euro-certified markets, the C Gas Plus certified to Euro IV is available. North American customers with the C Gas Plus engine will continue to be supported by the Cummins distributor and service network.

First introduced in 2001, the C Gas Plus is a high-powered natural gas engine designed for variable fuel qualities and low maintenance costs.  The main components, including the state-of-the-art Electronic Control Module (ECM), are derived from the proven and durable Cummins C Series diesel engine.   The engine is designed for either compressed (CNG) or Liquefied (LNG) natural gas vehicles.

Engine displacement - 505 cu in (8.3 liters)
Advertised Horsepower - 250-280 HP
Peak Torque - 660-850 lb. - ft
Compression ratio - 10:1
Oil system capacity - 6.3 U.S. gal (23.8 liters) w/combination lubeoil filter
Coolant capacity - 10.7 U.S. qt (10.1 liters)engine only
Net weight - (dry) 1,330 lb (604 kg) w/standard accessories



  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Enhanced reliablility through product upgrades, and common componets
  • Maintenance Intervals similar to ISL, with simplified maintenance to lower cost
  • Combination bypass and full-flow oil filter
  • Full Electronic Control
  • Enhanced Maintenance and Diagnostics

For more information visit the Cummins Westport at www.cumminswestport.com.

Typical Automotive Service Intervals

Hours Months
 Oil & Filter


500  6
 Fuel Filter  15,000
1,000  12

 Coolant Filter

500   6
 Spark Plugs 15,000
1,000 12
Change Coolant 30,000
2,000 24
 Valve Adjustment 30,000
2,000  24

For complete maintenance & service information, refer to the C Gas Plus Owners Manual.



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