B LPG Plus (EPA 07)

Power 195 - 195 hp
145 - 145 kW
Torque 420 - 420 lb-ft
569 - 569 N•m
Certification EPA 2007



The BLPG Plus 5.9 litre Propane engine is no longer available.  Cummins and Cummins Westport will continue to support BLPG Plus warranty, service and parts availability as required.

The BLPG Plus propane engine begins with a block, crankshaft and other major components from the Cummins 5.9 liter B series engine designed to withstand the pressures associated with diesel combustion. This heavy duty design, combined with the advanced closed-loop electronic control produces durable, reliable power with the lowest emissions and quietest operation possible.  Plus, the more powerful Engine Control Module (ECM) adjusts for varying fuel quality so you can safely use up to HD-10 propane. This engine is ideal for shuttles, buses, local pickup and delivery trucks, step vans, yard spotters, recycling trucks and street sweepers.

 Engine Displacement  359 cubic inches ( 5.9 L) 
 Compression Ratio  9.1:1
 Oil System Capacity  4.0 U.S. Gallons (15 L) (with combination lube oil filter) 
 Coolant Capacity  10.5 U.S. Quarts (9.9 L) Engine Only 
 Net Weight with Standard Accessories  1018 lb (462 kg) 
Engine Model Maximum hp  Peak Torque Governed RPM
B LPG 195 195  420 @ 1600 2800


  • Heavy Duty Design
  • Full Electronic Control
  • Certified Low Emissions (EPA)
  • Enhanced Maintenance and Diagnostics
  • Comprehensive Warranty (North America)

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