Must-Have Class 8 Heavy-Duty Truck Engine Features

Cummins engines can be spec’d to meet the needs of any driving condition or task. Ask your local Cummins sales team about the benefits of including these features in your next Cummins-powered semi-truck.

eaton fuller advantage automated manual transmissionAutomated Manual Transmission (optional)

Cummins matches Eaton Fuller Advantage 10-speed automated manual transmissions with our ISX15 and ISX12 heavy-duty truck engines to create the SmartAdvantage™ powertrain. SmartAdvantage™ automatically optimizes shifting based on grade, vehicle weight, engine torque and throttle position, producing up to 2-7% better fuel economy than competitors while significantly reducing driver fatigue. Learn more.

natural gas isx12 engineNatural Gas (optional)

Cummins ISX12 G is a dedicated, factory-built version of our popular ISX12 heavy-duty truck engine that operates on clean-burning, low-cost natural gas. With a high power-to-weight ratio and 700 lb-ft (949 N•m) of clutch engagement torque, the ISX12 G is a true powerhouse that offers the flexibility of using either compressed natural gas (CNG) or liquefied natural gas (LNG).

iphone displaying connected diagnosticsConnected Diagnostics (standard with telematics subscription)

Cummins Connected Diagnostics works with telematics providers to identify and diagnose engine issues and recommend repairs. A detailed message is sent via telematics the moment a fault is detected. Connected Diagnostics instantly analyzes that data and sends a report to the driver or fleet manager including recommended actions, prioritized fault codes, suspected root cause and more. Learn more.

vgt holset turbochargerVGT™ Turbocharger (standard)

Cummins Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) is widely recognized as the industry’s performance leader. VGT’s unique one-piece sliding nozzle provides rapid boost at low engine rpm and maintains high boost at higher rpm by varying exhaust gas flow into the turbine wheel. Precise airflow delivery results in excellent transient response, improved fuel economy and increased useful operating speed range. Learn more.  

aftertreatment systemCummins Aftertreatment System (standard)

Cummins aftertreatment system combines our proprietary Diesel Particulate Filter and Selective Catalytic Reduction technology to remove particulate matter and reduce NOx. Cummins engines and aftertreatment systems work as a cohesive  solution, allowing us to calibrate the two for optimum fuel economy, performance and near-zero emissions. Learn more. 

xpi fuel systemXPI Fuel System (standard)

Cummins eXtreme high Pressure Injection (XPI) fuel system delivers superior performance regardless of engine rpm. To ensure optimum ignition and fuel burn rates, XPI injects diesel fuel into the combustion chamber using the highest pressure of any available common rail system. Multiple injection events per cycle improve fuel efficiency and enable smoother, quieter operation.

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