Board of Directors - Cummins India Limited

The members of the Board of Directors of Cummins India Limited are:

  • Mr. Mark Levett – Chairman
  • Mr. Ashwath Ram – Managing Director
  • Mr. Norbert Nusterer – Non-Executive Director
  • Mr. Antonio Leitao – Non-Executive Director
  • Mr. Donald Jackson – Non-Executive Director
  • Ms. Lorraine Alyn Meyer – Additional Director
  • Mr. Rajeev B. Bakshi – Independent Director
  • Mr. Priya Shankar Dasgupta – Independent Director
  • Mr. Nasser M. Munjee – Independent Director
  • Mr. Venu T. Srinivasan – Independent Director
  • Mr. Prakash M. Telang – Independent Director
  • Ms. Anjuly Chib Duggal – Independent Director
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