India Diesel Generators 500kVA - 1010kVA

500 - 1010 kVA Diesel Generators

Certification CPCB II
Fuel Type Diesel

High Fuel Efficiency, Low Emission Levels, 24x7 Service Support

Cummins understands how essential uninterrupted power is for all – home, business and commercial. Powered by the technologically advanced power generation solutions starting from 7.5kVA to 3750kVA, our product range is geared to take on the most challenging applications.


Available Regions



Genset Model kVA (Prime) Engine Model BHP Alternator Frame Genset Controller Brochure
C500D5P 500 KTAA19-G10 587 HCI544D PC1.2 Download the Brochure
C600D5P 600 KTAA19-G12 713 HCI544E PC3.3 Download the Brochure
C625D5P 625 KTAA19-G13 739 HCI544F PC3.3 Download the Brochure
C650D5P 650 QSK19-G7 828.5 HCI544F PC1.2
C750D5P 750 KTA38-G12 1069 HCI634W PC3.3 Download the Brochure
C810D5P 810 KTA38-G12 1069 HCI634V PC3.3
C910D5P 910 KTA38-G17 1069 HCI634Y PC3.3 Download the Brochure
C1010D5P 1010 KTA38-G5 1180 HC6Y PC3.3 Download the Brochure
Generator Model kVA Fuel Type Spec Sheet
C500D5P 500 Diesel Brochure
C600D5P 600 Diesel Brochure
C625D5P 625 Diesel Brochure
C650D5P 650 Diesel Brochure
C750D5P 750 Diesel Brochure
C810D5P 810 Diesel Brochure
C910D5P 910 Diesel Brochure
C1010D5P 1010 Diesel Brochure

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