Higher Education

The importance of education, can never be understated. While we rigorously recruit from the top institutes of the nation, we cannot turn a blind eye to the multifaceted needs of the education sector in India. At Cummins, the focus is to provide better opportunities for Higher Education, such that enhance the employability of the youth by improving the quality and alignment of educational systems to ensure that the students of today are ready for the work force of tomorrow. From inadequate and poor quality of education at some institutes, to battling illiteracy in the lowest rungs of society; from making education economically accessible to enhancing the vocational and professional quotient of training institutes, the scope for Cummins to contribute its intellectual property, is a plenty. 

Education provides the platform for successful individuals and the skilled workforce that Cummins and many other employers need. Opportunities for advancement increase when community education systems are aligned with workforce needs. Once key workforce skills are identified along with gaps in current educational systems, Cummins can determine how best to use our resources to improve the quality and alignment of educational systems

Below are featured projects related to our work in Higher Education:

  • Women’s Education and Employability
  • Education Assistance to Socially and Economically Weaker Sections
  • Cummins Scholarship Program  
  • Channelizing Student Power
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