Cummins India Foundation


Founded in 1990 as an independent legal entity, the Cummins India Foundation (CIF) channelizes Cummins' commitment towards Corporate Responsibility. All its initiatives, both in the local community and in other parts of India where Cummins operates, fall under the three key focus areas of Higher Education, Energy and Environment, and Equality of Opportunity.

While the various projects undertaken under each of these key focus areas receive financial support from the Foundation, Cummins is also committed to the active involvement and participation of its employees in its corporate responsibility initiatives. 

As a mandate, under Every Employee Every Community initiative (EEEC), every employee is encouraged to dedicate a minimum of four working hours towards any of the projects undertaken under these three focus areas. 

Cummins India Foundation is overlooked and reviewed by the Steering Committee which comprises of senior leaders of the management team as the Board of Trustees.

The Foundation works closely with civic bodies, NGOs, Government and the communities in achieving the organization's mission of “Making people’s lives better by powering a more prosperous world.”   with the following goals:

  • To create sustainable wealth for all our stakeholders - both within and outside Cummins
  • To motivate and empower our employees to be engaged in improving the communities to make them better places to live and work
  • To create an atmosphere of trust and collaboration by partnering with our stakeholders to drive improvement
  • To identify global priorities that apply across communities and use the global reach of Cummins to leverage our efforts in these areas

Higher Education

The importance of Education, can never be understated. While we rigorously recruit from the top institutes of the nation, we cannot turn a blind eye to the multifaceted needs of the education sector in India. At Cummins, the focus is to provide better opportunities for Higher Education, such that enhance the employability of the youth. From inadequate and poor quality of education at some institutes, to battling illiteracy in the lowest rungs of society; from making education economically accessible to enhancing the vocational and professional quotient of training institutes, the scope for Cummins to contribute its intellectual property, is aplenty. 

Energy and Environment 

Every organization, large and small, is responsible towards the environment. Sustainable growth for Cummins is one that does not compromise on the environmental impact of its business. Needless to say, it is our mission to remain environmentally-sustainable. 

Cummins takes a simple yet powerful route for its efforts towards the environment to include activities such as sapling plantations, cleaning of water bodies and campaigning for public awareness, towards a cleaner and healthier society.

Equality of Opportunity

Cummins believes in increasing opportunity and equity for those most in need by means of grass-root level participation such as rural development encompassing a gamut of developmental activities starting from providing water to schools, improving living conditions within homes and pro-actively planning for irrigation needs during summers, etc.

While a holistic view gives a sense of the organizational perspective, each project by itself, is an individual tale of teamwork and triumph. 

Alongside being a testimony of collaborative success, each initiative is a sustainable and replicable model- capable of creating a ripple of empowerment that spreads to positively influence the environment in the organization and the community.

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