PowerDrive for Electric Trucks

The Cummins PowerDrive offers an advanced portfolio of plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) and fully-electric (EV) powertrain solutions spanning light, medium and heavy-duty trucks. Now you can discover the latest in electric vehicle technology with the reliability, support and service of Cummins.

Cummins PowerDrive EV – Fully-Electric Trucks

The Cummins PowerDrive EV is an all-electric system designed and engineered to fit conventional OEM chassis. The PowerDrive EV is available for a wide variety of class 4 through class 8 vehicles including light duty trucks, step vans, package delivery vehicles, utility trucks and port drayage trucks. 

With the market-leading EV system, customers can eliminate emissions and reduce fuel and maintenance costs all while maintaining vehicle performance.


Zero-Emissions A Full Charge in Under 8 Hours Reduced Service & Maintenance
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The electric motor is maintenance free.


Cummins PowerDrive – Advanced Plug-In Hybrid Electric Trucks

The Cummins PowerDrive is an advanced hybrid system offering both parallel and series capabilities. The PowerDrive replaces the conventional transmission and automatically switches between two hybrid and two pure electric modes, optimizing the powertrain for the best fuel economics in any driving situation. With the Cummins PowerDrive, you’ll increase efficiency and maximize vehicle performance. 

EV Mode: Full power electric driving performance for city and highway

EV+ Mode: High power electric mode for launch, acceleration and hill climbing

Series Mode: Ideal for both low-speed and stop-and-go driving. Plus, regenerative braking provides strong energy recovery 

Parallel Mode: Provides extra charge-sustaining power to the battery and is ideal for high speed and highway driving

Optional PowerDrive Modules


Bi-directional power module, allowing PowerDrive PHEV and EV to provide up to 200kW of grid-quality power. 

Plug in anytime, anywhere for:


Emergency Power Charging Other Vehicles Running Job Site Tools
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Modular in design, the control software can be configured to support a wide variety of drivetrain architectures, components and vehicle layouts.

  • State-of-the-art software controls to optimize complex drivetrain and battery system functions
  • Fault detection and related management features to support optimum fuel economy and emission reductions
  • Tracks and analyzes vehicle data to continually monitor and optimize fleet performance




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