All-Electric School Bus Solutions

Cummins offers the PowerDrive™ 7000 EV to rapidly enable school bus manufacturers to quickly create electric school bus solutions. The PowerDrive vehicle developers kit and support program offers OEMs a robust framework to quickly create all-electric school buses.

  • All-electric, zero-emissions
  • 120-mile all-electric range
  • Comparable or better vehicle performance to conventional engine
  • Reduced service and maintenance costs
  • Meets Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards (FMVSS)
  • EPA and California Air Resources Board Certified (CARB) 


With the market-leading EV system, customers can eliminate emissions and reduce fuel and maintenance costs all while maintaining vehicle performance.

Reduced Service and Maintenance

The PowerDrive electric motor is maintenance fee eliminating downtime and costs associated with maintenance. 

  • electrified school busNo engine oil changes
  • No engine air filter change
  • No smog check/testing
  • No spark plugs, glow plugs or coil replacements
  • No degradation of the air intake/vacuum system
  • No fluid check or change associated with transmission
  • Brake pad change interval gets much longer
  • Fewer coolant changes needed

Optional PowerDrive Modules


Bi-directional power module, allowing PowerDrive PHEV and EV to provide up to 200kW of grid-quality power. 

Plug in anytime, anywhere for:


Emergency Power Charging Other Vehicles Running Job Site Tools
emergency-light-icon.png truck-electric-charging-icon.png




Modular in design, the control software can be configured to support a wide variety of drivetrain architectures, components and vehicle layouts.

  • State-of-the-art software controls to optimize complex drivetrain and battery system functions
  • Fault detection and related management features to support optimum fuel economy and emission reductions
  • Tracks and analyzes vehicle data to continually monitor and optimize fleet performance

Financial Subsidies for Electric School Buses

School buses serve as one of the largest mass transit segments in the US and are among the oldest fleets on the road today. The industry at large is looking to move to zero-emissions options to improve air quality and reduce exposing children and local communities to emissions. Paired with available government subsidy and incentive programs to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, school districts benefit from low cost of ownership and sustainable transport for students.

A wide variety of financial incentives are available for electric vehicles. School districts may use to research applicable federal, state and local funding opportunities that may apply. Additionally, local and state entities in California are at the forefront of providing financial opportunities for electric and alternative energy programs. The financial opportunities for California school buses have been aggregated and are available through the California Air Resources Board.

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