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Experience & Global Support

  • The world's largest independent global supplier of engines and related technologies, with well-established industry relationships and experience across the most markets and customer applications
  • The broadest choice of power solutions and availability, from diesel to natural gas to hybrid and electrified power.
  • Largest global service network, including 3,500+ locations in North America
  • Committed to delivering durable, reliable integrated power solutions to every customer

Integrated Expertise

  • The expertise to pair engines with key technologies, from the transmission to critical componentry and advanced electronic features, including connectivity
  • A wealth of customer experience provides a keen understanding of unique customer needs and applications for optimized solutions

Innovative Technologies

  • Ongoing investment and innovation in products and technologies across the power spectrum in order to provide the precise solution needed
  • A century of cutting-edge advancements in engine design and key components provides the platform for optimizing across the entire powertrain


The Cummins diesel power portfolio features optimized, integrated power solutions to help you get the most out of your operation.

By strategically pairing engines like the Cummins X15™ or X12™ products like the all-new Endurant™ from Eaton Cummins Automated Transmission Technologies, Cummins can deliver lighter, more efficient powertrain packages.

Product Range: 2.8–15L engines for on-highway markets, globally

Common applications include: Long-haul, vocation and bulk haulers; regional haul; pick-up and delivery; and school, motor coach, shuttle and transit bus


In a move to zero emissions, Cummins natural gas power solutions deliver sustainable options through the use of traditional internal combustion technology and a simple, maintenance-free three-way catalyst. When appropriately paired, natural gas engines, fuel system configurations, transmissions and vehicles set new standards for performance and reliability.

Product Range: 6–12L engines for on-highway markets, globally

Common applications include: Regional haul (both heavy-duty and medium-duty); refuse truck; and school, motor coach, shuttle and transit bus


Whether you use diesel, natural gas or electric power, Cummins has the capability to integrate plug-in hybrid technologies to enable more efficient performance of the powertrain. When the technologies are skillfully coupled with advanced features across the vehicle, Cummins enables enhanced range capabilities and improved fuel efficiency, optimizing your operations.

Product Range: In development; available for bus in 2019

Common applications include: Urban bus, utility trucks, refuse trucks, urban delivery trucks and beverage trucks


By providing and integrating the entire electrified power solution and critical components, Cummins can deliver efficient, energy-conscious solutions. A Cummins Battery Electric Vehicle (BEV) system is a fully electric vehicle that incorporates a battery, which is charged by connecting the vehicle to an electric power source to store the electric energy and power the wheels.

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