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Cummins-powered fuel cell and battery electric trucks—light, medium, and heavy duty—have the technology on board to go the distance, with superior performance and reliability, and zero emissions at a point of use. 

Hydrogen fuel cell trucks.

Hydrogen fuel cell trucks

With over 20 completed fuel cell-powered truck initiatives, Cummins is quickly becoming the leader in low-carbon trucking. We offer the industry’s highest power density, as well as Cummins durability, reliability, and longevity built right in.

Hydrogen fuel cell trucks

Our high-density power modules offer durable, zero-emission propulsion for light- and heavy-duty mobility.

  • Low temperature starts

    Can be stored and operated in temperatures as low as -40°C degrees without fear of damage or failure.

  • Fuel cell management system

    Our proprietary operating software maximizes performance and optimizes lifespan.

  • Fully integrated system

    One compact fuel cell system for easy, seamless integration, without the need for additional components.

  • Compact size

    For space constrained applications.

  • Water-free operation

    Our fuel cells do not require water for humidification. With no residual water, there’s no risk of freezing or moisture issues.

  • Unlimited stop/start cycles

    Cummins’ fuel cells can be turned on and off as needed without degradation.

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