Electronics Control Units

The Electronic Control Module, commonly known to be the brains behind the engine, provides key data to the engine and components within it. At Cummins, we have a range of ECM’s to suit a variety of applications, from light-duty to high-horsepower, while meeting multiple emission regulations across the globe.


Electronics Control Units from Cummins:

Diesel ECM's

Diesel ECM

Cummins Diesel Electronic Control Modules are engine controllers fit to power the worldwide diesel market meeting a variety of emissions regulations. At Cummins we design our ECM’s to meet criteria for the most advanced technology in the commercial diesel markets.





Natural Gas Electronic Control Modules

Natural Gas ECM

Cummins Natural Gas engine controllers are fit for evolving technology in the commercial alternative fuels market. The natural gas capabilities can support up to 10 cylinders and has an external RAM of 4Mb. This ECM is adaptable across a variety of applications, and can be adjusted per application to meet emissions targets at the customer site.



Aftertreatment Control Modules

Aftertreatment Control Module

The Cummins aftertreatment control units are designed for aftertreatment systems for both developed and emerging markets. Designed in-house, these cutting-edge electronic modules are capable of controlling aftertreatment systems for enhanced system performance and meeting tighter emissions regulations.



Electronic Control Units

Electronic Control Units

The Cummins CM2950 is a motor controller fit for a wide scope of applications. It is an actuator controller that can be used for a variety of purposes to both reduce emissions and increase performance. It is fit-for-market with low cost application.

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