UL2 Urea Dosing System

The UL2 Urea Dosing System is a liquid-only dosing system focuses on oxides of nitrogen (NOx) reduction capabilities that support application ranges from low to high flow selective catalytic reduction (SCR) dosing applications.


  • Proprietary design of the injector includes a unique pressure swirl atomizer that offers customized spray angles and flow rates to reduce the risk of deposit formation and enhance mixing.
  • Fewer coolant lines allow for a simpler system that is easier to integrate.
  • Urea recirculation and freeze robust components offer improved system reliability. Reduced risk of urea crystallization and injector clogging, as urea is always present in the system.
  • Optional controls technology within the electronic dosing unit offers flexibility in vehicle integration options.


Supply Module

  • Mounts to the chassis.
  • Heated by engine coolant.
  • Enhanced freeze resistant components: pressure relief valve, foam cup and membrane around filter, vent cap to allow re-expansion of cup, urea expansion channels.
  • Contains optional integrated dosing controls to monitor injector, temperature and pressure sensors


  • Mounts to the decomposition reactor.
  • Cooled by urea re-circulation, heated by electric.
  • Contains proprietary pressure swirl atomizer with reinforced 11-layer nozzle.
  • Enhanced freeze resistant components: urea expansion channels, temperature and pressure sensors with expansion bellows.
  • Contains injector, temperature and pressure sensor


Technical Specifications:

  • Capable of meeting high-flow dosing rates of up to 20.5 kg/hr.
  • Shears droplets to sizes rivaling those of air-assisted system, as low as 24 SMD.
  • Includes a pressure diverter valve to allow more urea to be released for high-flow optimization, if required.


Technical Characteristics Unit UL2 Cummins Advantage
Dosing Rates kg/hr 5 11.7 20 Greater Flexibility
Spray Characteristics SMD 30 31 41 Emission Improvement
  Dv90 85 88 208 Better Reliability
  Cone Angle Degree 42 50 88 Emission Improvement
Dosing Accuracy % error +/- 3.5 +/- 5 +/- 7 Better Reliability


Application Robustness Unit UL2 Cummins Advantage
Installation Angle Relative to 0" -135 to +135 Greater Flexibility
Pump Head Height Relative height of tank to dosing unit (m) 4.4 Greater Flexibility
Temperature Limit DEF inlet (Degrees Celsius) 65 Easy to Integrate
Ambient (Degrees Celsius) 130 Easy to Integrate
Vibration Capability   ISO16750.3 Easy to Integrate
Contamination Robustness um 100 Greater Reliability
Filter Capacity g 4 Greater Capacity
Freeze Robustness Degrees Celsius -40 Better Reliability
Purge Time sec 0 Ease of Operation
Useful Life hr 24,000 Better Reliability
Injector Cooling   Urea cooled Lower TCO
Urea Purging   Not required Emission Improvement
Injection Line Between SM to DM Meter <15 Greater Flexibility
Injection Line Dia. Between SM to DM mm 5-7.5 Greater Flexibility
Doser Voltage Volt 12V and 24V Greater Flexibility




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