UA2 Urea Dosing System

The UA2 Urea Dosing System ensures efficient conversion to ammonia and prevention of urea build-up in the system, increasing the durability and reliability of the aftertreatment system. To achieve this, the air-assisted technology provides a smaller uniform urea droplet size through a centerline injection.


  • This system allows for the ability to tune engines for improved fuel economy or to reduce the size of the SCR through uniformity index or ammonia slip catalysts.
  • In addition to reducing deposit formation, this system provides better performance than competitive systems with improved NOx conversion efficiency for comparative size catalysts.
  • The UA2 Urea Dosing System has been designed for easy integration on top of the urea storage tank or on the chassis, minimizing engineering and validation expenses.


Supply Module

  • The control module calculates exact dosing rate of urea based on various engine conditions, and urea mixes with air from vehicle compressed air.
  • Atomized urea is sent through Injection Nozzle into exhaust system, upstream of the SCR catalyst.


  • The design allows urea injection in center of the exhaust gas flow, which minimizes the risk of deposits.
  • Its relatively large orifice sizing in the nozzle also provides exceptional tolerance to contaminants.

Aftertreatment Control Module:

  • Translates datalink-commanded dosing rates into the supply module inputs, accurately delivering required dosing quantities.
  • Independent aftertreatment control module used to control other engineered components in engine or aftertreatment system.


Technical Specifications:

Vehicle Application Commercial On-Highway
Voltage 12V and 24V
Emissions Standards Euro/EPA/NS/Bharat Stage
Dosing Rate 0.01-2.2 ml/sec
Droplet Size <30 um SMD
Supply Module Dimensions 223 mm x 201 mm x 98 mm
Supply Module Weight 6 lb
Ambient Temperature Operating Range -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius
Electrical FCI 4- and 14-way
Urea Composite SAE J2044/Beaded Hose Connector
Suction Line: 5/16" (chassis mounting only)
Transfer Line: 1/4"
Coolant Composite SAE J2044/Beaded Hose Connector
Architecture Air-Assisted Dosing
Supply Module Heating Coolant or Electrical
Supply Module Mounting Tank or Chassis Mounting


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