Single Module Aftertreatment System

The Single Module™ is an ultra-high efficiency aftertreatment system. Previously, aftertreatment systems were designed simply to meet emissions requirements. This system, however, was developed specifically to meet customer needs first, while also meeting emissions standards.


  • The Single Module is designed to be up to 60% smaller and 40% lighter than preceding aftertreatment systems, all while improving emissions reduction performance.
  • The compact size enables better heat management and retention for improved fuel economy.
  • The single-pass exhaust flow design delivers low back pressure.
  • The simpler packaging allows for fewer variations. This allows for improvements in system integration and a more robust and reliable system for the end-user. OEM customers can benefit from simpler chassis integration, as the UL2 Urea Dosing System does not require engine coolant lines to and from the urea injector.
  • The system achieves a more efficient atomization of urea and minimized urea deposits, thus requiring fewer regeneration events while experiencing optimal use of urea throughout the system.
  • Advancements in catalyst technologies have allowed the diesel particulate filter to have a bigger ash capacity, permitting for increased time between maintenance events and minimal operator intervention.


  • Integrated with the UL2 Urea Dosing System to deliver improvements in NOx reduction capabilities.
  • Offers end-in, end-out (EIEO) and side-in, side-out (SISO) inlet and outlet configurations for added installation flexibility.


Technical Specificiations:

Medium-Duty Engines EIEO Total Length (mm) SISO Total Length (mm) Approximate Rating Coverage
LHP 983 959

150-200 kW

200-260 HP

MHP 1053 1029

200-260 kW

260-350 HP

HHP 1149 1123

260-335 kW

350-450 HP


Heavy-Duty Engines EIEO Total Length(mm) SISO Total Length (mm) Approximate Rating Coverage
LHP 1110 1062

300-375 kW

400-500 HP

HHP 1174 1126

375-450 kW

500-600 HP


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