High-Horsepower Selective Catalytic Reduction System

Engineered for durability when operating in rugged conditions, the High-Horsepower Selective Catalytic Reduction (HHP SCR) System offers reduced space claim as well as optimized catalysts, controls and dosing capabilities for easier equipment integration. Its modular design fits into most mobile HHP applications, helping customers in mobile off-highway, locomotive, power generation, rail and marine applications meet Tier 4 Final regulations.


  • Allows for multiple installation orientations, providing ease of integration and assembly for equipment manufacturers
  • Offers flexible mounting options consisting of horizontal, vertical and upright positioning
  • Comparable to previous Tier 2 silencer space claims, thus reducing customer integration costs
  • Leverages Cummins catalyst technology expertise and proven experience in real-world commercial vehicle applications to deliver an optimized SCR package for high-horsepower markets


  • A fully enclosed decomposition chamber coupled with the UL2 Urea Dosing System enables high-flow dosing capabilities required in high-horsepower applications
  • Durable substrate technologies support operation in environments susceptible to high shock and vibration


Technical Specifications:

System Size Applicable Engine Displacement
HH4000 19-30 Liter
HH6000 38-50 Liter
HH8000 60-78 Liter


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