UK Gender Pay Reporting

Cummins in the UK 2018 Gender Pay Report

Cummins in the UK is required by the UK Equality Act 2010 (Gender Pay Gap Information) Regulations 2017 to publish statutory calculations every year showing how large our pay gap is between our male and female employees.

It is important to note the gender pay gap is different to equal pay, which is about pay of men and women for equal work. An organisation can have equal pay, and still have a gender pay gap. The mean gender pay gap is the difference in the average hourly pay for all women compared to all men. The median identifies the middle point of a population. The median pay gap is the gap between the hourly pay rate for a woman at the mid-point, compared to the pay rate of a man at the mid-point.

The analysis of our 2018 figures shows we have a gender pay gap in our Cummins UK companies. The mean pay for men is 3.2% higher than that of women. The median pay for men is 7.3% higher than that of women. In comparison, the national gender pay gap across all companies in the UK shows the median pay for men to be 17.9% higher than that of women. There are some factors that influence our results, including having fewer women in senior management roles and lower proportions of women within engineering roles.

We take this work very seriously, and are driving initiatives to increase the representation of women within the business, and bring greater gender balance into our workforce at all levels. You can read more about our work to improve gender balance in the Cummins in the UK 2018 Gender Pay Gap Report.

2017 Report: Cummins in the UK 2017 Gender Pay Gap Report.

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