Cummins Water Works

Strengthening communities through sustainable water.


Cummins Water Works is our multi-million dollar commitment to strengthening communities through sustainable water and addressing the global water crisis.

Today, about 785 million people lack access to basic drinking water, and by 2050 at least one in four people will likely live in a country affected by chronic or recurring water shortages. A problem this large requires coordinated action to effectuate sustainable, innovative and local solutions. Cummins Water Works specifically aims to advance water security for 20 million people by 2025.

Water is the primary medium through which we experience the effects of climate change – from drought to flooding. PLANET 2050 is Cummins’ metrics-based sustainability strategy focusing on our operations, customers, and supply chain. Cummins Water Works extends our commitment to environmental sustainability, focusing on ensuring availability and sustainable management of water in our communities.

Why water?


water drop icon no water icon school icon clock icon dollar sign icon
1 in 8
People lack access to safe water
1 in 4
People likely to live in a country affected by chronic or recurring water shortages by the year 2050
1 in 3
Schools lack access to basic water and sanitation
200M hours/day
Time women and girls spend collecting water
260 billion/year
Revenue lost globally due to lack of basic water and sanitation


Cummins Water Works partners with leading water experts to leverage our unique experiences, skills and capabilities to make a large-scale impact. Cummins joined the Water Resilience Coalition in 2021 to partner with water-related nonprofit organizations and other major global companies focused on analyzing, prioritizing, implementing and managing high-impact water projects in major water-stressed regions around the world.

Cummins’ community investments address water scarcity challenges and help communities meet their water needs. To date, Cummins water projects have generated more than 5.9 billion gallons of annual water benefits to communities.



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Cummins Water Works Partners

To achieve our goal of having a net positive impact on communities where we live and work, Cummins partners with the following organizations to address specific issues facing our communities.


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