Community Impact: Technical Education for Communities (TEC)

Many communities are facing a growing problem: increasing skills gaps resulting in unfilled jobs and high unemployment. A recent report by the Brookings Institution, Accenture and the Global Business Coalition for Education concludes that the world’s current education systems simply will not provide the skills training and education vitally needed by both businesses and communities. Global communities deserve improved educational outcomes to create jobs that make families and communities stronger. Cummins and the Cummins Foundation are investing in education right now through TEC.

TEC: Technical Education for Communities is a global initiative that targets the technical skills gap through local vocational education programs. TEC delivers a standardized education program and set of tools to help education partners develop market-relevant curriculum, teacher training, career guidance and the practical experience needed by students.


TEC is built on a five element education framework. The standardized education program includes resources, processes and tools to help schools identify and supplement gaps in their existing programs, ensuring a global approach and allowing the implementation of TEC at any site. There are multiple successful pathways from technical education to good jobs. TEC has begun at sites across the globe.


Education, government and private partners can work in coalitions to support TEC. Coalition building is vital to filling the skills gap.

There are many ways in which partners can add value at TEC sites, including:

  • Engaging in needs assessments, market studies and dialogue with local government and schools to ensure that students are taught skills that are relevant to the needs of the local labor market.
  • Providing students with opportunities for workplace learning such as internships, apprenticeships and job shadowing.
  • Investing with company time and talent to train teachers on new technology, teach classes and mentor students.
  • Funding equipment purchases or programs such as teacher training and guidance counseling.

TEC seeks to partner with business, government and community organizations to increase access to good jobs and develop a stronger and growing employment base in communities across the globe.

Our local economies are only as a strong as the communities in which we live and work. We must actively engage with students, teachers, schools, non-profits and governments to develop our healthy communities of tomorrow.

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