Impact Driven

Global Strategic Initiatives

Cummins has launched two global strategic initiatives that align with business goals, help remove potential barriers to company growth and hold the promise of driving immense change in our communities.

Cummins TEC: Technical Education for Communities is the first strategic community program built by Cummins from the ground up. Launched in 2012, its mission is to train low-income youth in employable technical skills and connect them to good jobs in their communities. Cummins TEC delivers a standardized education program and set of tools to help education partners develop market-relevant curriculum, teacher training, career guidance and the practical experience needed by students.

Cummins Powers Women is the company’s most ambitious community initiative ever, representing a multi-million-dollar investment designed to create large-scale change in the lives of women and girls globally. The program seeks scaled solutions wherever possible by partnering with a network of global nonprofit organizations that have existing, outcome-based programs focused on gender equality. Cummins’ investment supports a range of effective programs, including grassroots teaching and mentoring, financial stability through entrepreneurship, leadership training and strategic guidance to non-profit leaders.

Community Development Grants

Community Development Grants (CDGs) from the Cummins Foundation build on employees’ engagement and help amplify the impact their work has on communities. Requests for CDGs are made by Cummins employees in coordination with their local partners. CDG requests allow employees to learn more about their communities, use their business skills to build the capacity of an organization and create a deeper understanding of critical community needs.

The Cummins Foundation will consider only organizations that are non-discriminatory in their policies and practices with regard to physical or mental abilities, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, ethnic origin and/or creed.

ABO and Regional Strategies

Cummins leaders from each Area Business Organization (ABO), in partnership with their local Community Involvement Teams and Corporate Responsibility teams, developed Corporate Responsibility strategies with clear metrics that speak to our employee skills and align with regional needs. These strategies are based on outcomes from community needs assessments, input from nonprofit partners and the strengths of Cummins’ business units, functions and employees to help set priorities for employee engagement efforts.

Local Community Involvement Teams around the world undertake projects in their communities that align with the regional strategies and fall within Cummins’ three global priority areas. This focus helps ensure greater impact is made in communities by following the direction set by the strategies.

To further encourage community impact and alignment, ABOs set up Corporate Responsibility Councils comprised of regional leaders. These councils review and approve grants tied to employee engagement and their regional strategies.

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