Ethics and Compliance for Suppliers and Distributors

Cummins promotes ethical behavior among its suppliers and distributors.



Cummins holds suppliers to a higher standard than just compliance with local laws.Our Supplier Code of Conduct applies to all businesses that provide products or services to Cummins and its subsidiaries, joint ventures, divisions or affiliates. Available in 15 languages, the supplier code is built around seven principles and helps Cummins ensure that it is doing business with other companies around the world that share its values for sustainable practices. The code includes provisions banning child or forced labor, respecting employee rights and providing a safe workplace for employees.

All new suppliers receive a copy of Cummins' Supplier Code of Conduct and the Company encourages them to adopt it. Cummins' top suppliers are required to certify their intent to comply with Cummins' Supplier Code of Conduct. If you are a Cummins supplier or would like information about how to become one, please visit the Supplier Portal.


Distributors are a critical part of our business operations and allow Cummins to increase market penetration around the world. The Company takes appropriate steps to ensure our distributors share. Cummins values regardless of whether the distributor is independent or an established channel partner. Many of our distributors receive compliance training and have access to materials where they can learn about ethics and compliance initiatives and policies.

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