Anti-Bribery and Prohibited Payments

Cummins prohibits bribery in all circumstances.

We do not bribe private individuals or government officials for any reason. We get business because our products, services and people are the best. Therefore, we require all employees and business partners around the world to comply with the Cummins policy as well as their local laws.

Bribery involves giving or promising to give something of value in order to gain a business advantage. Cummins has:

  • Developed a written anti-bribery policy and a procedure for reporting potential violations of the policy
  • Educated employees on the anti-bribery policy through compliance training
  • Performed a risk assessment to identify business risks of bribery and corruption

We encourage all employees to report any behavior that is not consistent with Cummins policy or the law. The idea that “everybody else is doing it” is not an excuse for conduct that violates the law and Cummins policy.

If you have a question, or become aware of any action not consistent with Cummins policy or the law,  you may contact the Ethics and Compliance team for assistance. Send an email to [email protected] and the appropriate person will contact you. 

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