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The future demands transit authorities find new efficiencies with fresh thinking and a mix of power solutions. Cummins has developed a strategy to go further, faster to reduce the greenhouse gas and air quality impacts of our products in a way that is best for our customers and all stakeholders, helping municipalities transition to a cleaner tomorrow while working within the infrastructure constraints and budgets of today.

Leverage infrastructure spending

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Cummins knows what's important when choosing your power

The Cummins technology roadmap recognizes regulatory issues and brings bold innovative thinking to energy sources and power solutions, dramatically reducing well-to-wheel emissions.

Transit wins when transit thinks big

Cummins can help you find the best combination of solutions to help meet your near-term goals and keep your fleet on the long-term road to zero emissions.

Consultative approach

Our approach

First, we listen

Cummins takes a consultative approach to helping your fleet transition to cleaner energy. Our transit experts partner with municipalities to thoroughly understand questions before recommending answers. Our team has deep expertise and is ready to discuss processes and power technologies to meet transit needs in a wide range of areas.

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