Cummins today kicks off its 6th annual June Environmental Month celebration, when employees across the company engage in environmental projects at work, home and in their communities.


“Cummins has a long history of environmental responsibility,” said Jennifer Rumsey, Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at the company. “So, it is no surprise we have designated the entire month of June in honor of World Environment Day (June 5) to celebrate our commitment to ensuring that everything we do leads to a cleaner environment.”

Sites across the company will be offering activities and programs around four weekly themes: how the company and its employees can decrease waste, improve water conservation, limit energy use and work within their communities to make a difference. 

In past celebrations, Cummins employees have participated in a wide range of activities including energy fairs, school visits, poster drawing contests, tree plantings and more. A key focus in 2019 is the 100th Anniversary Plastics Challenge, which asks employees to use 100 fewer pieces of single-use plastic during the month. 

Organizers of the celebration expect about two-thirds of the company’s workers will participate in one or more events.


Few projects are bigger than the event taking place at the Columbus Engine Plant (CEP) in Columbus, Indiana (U.S.). The site will host its 9th annual Community Wide Recycling Day from 6 a.m. to 4 p.m. June 13 in the plant parking lot.

Employees gather recyclables at a previous Communitywide Recycle Day at the Cummins Engine Plant.
Employees gather recyclables at a previous Community Wide Recycling Day at the Columbus Engine Plant.

Employees and community members are invited to bring in a wide range of materials including electronic waste, used batteries, and used motor oil and paint, in addition to more typical recyclable items. Organizers are asking people not to bring in tractor tires, lightbulbs, mercury thermometers, Styrofoam and pressure vessels and tanks.

The event has been known to draw 500 to 1,000 cars filled with various recyclables and requires hundreds of volunteers. The plant partners with companies that specialize in handling difficult to recycle materials.

“The reason it is so popular is it provides a single outlet for the resident to properly dispose of household waste and also allows for recycling of this waste,” said David Wehrkamp, the Environmental Supervisor at CEP. “We also provide employee volunteers to unload the material from vehicles as they arrive. And its free to everyone.”

CEP is not the only Cummins’ plant to sponsor a recycling day. The Jamestown Engine Plant in Jamestown, New York (U.S), will hold its 10th annual recycling day this fall (a date has not been set). David Burlee, the plant’s Health, Safety and Environment Leader, said last September’s event collected more than 100,000 pounds of electronics including more than 12,000 pounds of television sets. The event also gathered three trailer loads of tires.


Cummins also tries to use the month to educate employees on what it is doing to reduce its environmental impact as a company. For example, some Cummins employees will be traveling to northwestern Indiana later in June to learn more about the company’s support for an expansion at the Meadow Lake Wind Farm.

The company entered into a virtual power purchase agreement at Meadow Lake that helped move the project forward. The expansion went on line in December 2018 and will send more renewable energy to the grid than Cummins uses at all of its Indiana facilities.

One of the company’s environmental goals is to increase the availability and use of renewable power. The company will also announce this month its progress on goals around waste, water and energy.



布莱尔. 克拉夫林是康明斯公司可持续发展通信署署长,于2008年加入了该公司,成为多元化通信总监。布莱尔出身于报纸背景。此前,他曾为印第安纳波利斯球星(2002-2008)和得梅因注册(1997-2002)工作。[电子邮件受保护]



康明斯销售与服务技师可以使用 RemoteConnect 与许多英里以外的专家合作。
康明斯销售与服务技师可以使用 RemoteConnect 与许多英里以外的专家合作。

一组称为 RemoteConnect 的高科技工具使康明斯能够为客户提供支持,同时保持在 COVID-19 危机期间实施的社会疏远和旅行限制。

COVID-19 危机发生之前,康明斯客户关怀团队在2017年创建了这些工具,使专家能够远程查看技术人员所看到的领域,旨在为难以到达的地区的客户提供支持。现在,由于不鼓励旅行来防止病毒的传播,RemoteConnect 的使用急剧增加,使工具比以往更加重要。

康明斯客户关怀经理 Joe 布鲁克斯表示: "在康明斯主题专家无法现场活动的情况下,RemoteConnect 被创造成为替代解决方案." 自2017年以来一直领先于该计划的康明斯医疗管理人员乔. 布鲁克。"这已迅速成为唯一的解决方案,在某些情况下为客户提供服务,原因是 COVID-19。在这些空前的时期,RemoteConnect 一直是一个真正的游戏更换商。


这些工具套件配备了一个套件,外观类似于手提箱,包括配备了小型照相机的安全眼镜,技师可以使用这些相机与被称为 "Cfse" 的公司专家合作,以诊断和解决问题。Cfse 可以从字面上看出技师所看到的情况,即使它们相距很远。

RemoteConnect 迅速展示了其提高维修质量的能力,同时减少了误诊、不可恢复的人工费用,以及最重要的是客户的痛苦和痛苦。这些套件已被放置在140多个康明斯网点,主要在美国和加拿大,但康明斯客户关怀也致力于在其他地方部署这些产品。

在 COVID-19 之前,Cfse 在道路上度过了重要的一段时间,与康明斯的特定销售与服务地点的技术人员合作,共同完成艰难的服务工作。此外,他们还将通过 RemoteConnect 与技师合作。

当 COVID-19 被宣布为大流行时,突然一项简单的飞行、培训,甚至是为客户服务的车辆不再是例行选择。很多 Cfse 发现,RemoteConnect 是接下来的最佳之处。



• LogMeIn 援救:一种工具,为 CFSE 提供远程与现场技术人员合作的能力,并通过控制其台式机。
• 网络桥:一种工具,使 Cfse 能够远程工作,以连接到发动机的电子控制模块(ECM),这是控制其运行的发动机的 command 中心。

As of April, over 5,402 remote support cases had been completed since November of 2018, including 621 that would have required travel, and 3,488 days of downtime were saved. The kit was used 166 times just between February and April.

布鲁克斯和康明斯的其他人士预计,这些数字将在未来数日和数月内增加。RemoteConnect 是康明斯为客户提供技术和创新服务的另一途径。



Cummins is a global power leader that designs, manufactures, sells and services diesel and alternative fuel engines from 2.8 to 95 liters, diesel and alternative-fueled electrical generator sets from 2.5 to 3,500 kW, as well as related components and technology. Cummins serves its customers through its network of 600 company-owned and independent distributor facilities and more than 7,200 dealer locations in over 190 countries and territories.


首席执行官 Tom Linebarger 在 COVID-19 危机之前在过去的一次活动中发表讲话。2020年的年会几乎是为了防止病毒的传播而举行的。
首席执行官 Tom Linebarger 在 COVID-19 危机之前在过去的一次活动中发表讲话。2020年的年会几乎是为了防止病毒的传播而举行的。

康明斯正在采取许多步骤,以保护 COVID-19 的员工,董事长兼首席执行官 Tom Linebarger 在星期二的公司年会上表示。

Linebarger 说,该公司为进入工厂的人实施了健康筛查和温度检查,增加了清洁规程,并设立了一个响应中心,由医务人员提供支持,每天24小时回答员工问题,每周七天。

他告诉股东,公司还成立了一个领导委员会来应对报告中的问题和规划团队,专注于未来发展的规划。Linebarger 表示,康明斯运营的员工和社区的健康与安全是公司在这些不确定时刻向前迈进的第一要务。

"康明斯世界各地的大多数办公室员工都是在家工作,我们遵守家庭订单以减少病毒的传播," Linebarger 说。"在本次会议上,我们的一些工厂经历了关闭或减少容量的时期,许多地点现在正在恢复运营,尽管水平非常低。...现在的情况与我们在 COVID-19 之前的操作方式截然不同. "


Linebarger 表示,与大多数办公室员工呆在家里一样,该公司能够将清洁资源转移到员工每天上班的设施中,从而显著提高清洁和消毒规程。对于在工厂工作的员工,除了放映和温度检查外,对于任何显示 COVID-19 症状的人,都可立即提供护理。



康明斯还重新设计了某些流程和设施布局,使员工能够安全、有效地运行、重新配置装配线和出入口,以促进社会疏远,并确保公共表面定期清洁。除了回答问题外,响应中心还可进行联系跟踪,以确定可能接触过 COVID-19 的人。

该公司正在使用位于印第安纳州哥伦布市的康明斯 LiveWell 健康中心的医务人员来支持 COVID-19 响应。中心。

Linebarger 表示,自1月首次在中国发现病毒以来,该公司已从处理危机中受益。康明斯在中国武汉拥有多个设施,被认为是此次疫情的震中。由于公司客户对被压抑的需求做出回应,中国的所有康明斯工厂现在都恢复运营,业务活跃。



That is only one hopeful sign. Linebarger said Cummins is also in a strong financial position. At the end of the first quarter of 2020, the company had cash and cash equivalents of $2 billion, strong credit ratings and Cummins’ pension plans are fully funded. Linebarger said aggressive action to cut costs such as reducing pay and hours for some employees, while painful, will serve the company well during this unprecedented downturn.


"在我们100年的历史中,我们遇到了一些不可预见的危机和经济挑战," Linebarger 在虚拟会议上说,这是此次大流行的另一项原因。"我深信,我们将成功地实现这一目标,正如我们之前所做的那样,并在公司中变得更强大."

他还对公司的历史表示了同样的了解,康明斯员工已经应对 COVID-19 提出的挑战,以新的和创造性的方式响应,以帮助公司和他们生活和工作的社区。

员工参与了一系列活动,从 帮助日托中心 和医院计划为 COVID-19,为世界各地的急救医疗中心提供重要的食品和药品运输服务,建造和维修发电机,以及 与其他公司合作 ,以增加个人防护设备的生产。

"我们的世界各地的员工都以创新的方式加强并响应社区的需求,这对您来说不足为奇." Linebarger 表示。"...一如既往,我们的员工和我们的公司正在竭尽所能,以新的和创新的方式解决这场危机,我们将继续致力于为更繁荣的世界提供动力. "



布莱尔. 克拉夫林是康明斯公司可持续发展通信署署长,于2008年加入了该公司,成为多元化通信总监。布莱尔出身于报纸背景。此前,他曾为印第安纳波利斯球星(2002-2008)和得梅因注册(1997-2002)工作。[电子邮件受保护]



康明斯团队必须快速了解如何在实践所有 COVID-19 保障措施的同时保持测试的顺利进行。
康明斯团队必须快速了解如何在实践所有 COVID-19 保障措施的同时保持测试的顺利进行。


劳动密集型测试需要驾驶员和技师并排坐在 "现实生活" 环境下测试发动机,以向监管机构证明其车载诊断能够检测到因组件故障而产生的过量排放而导致的失火。测试对于保持监管流程在2021年的发动机型号上向前迈进至关重要。

测试在几个小时后在一所大学进行,在关键时刻,学校突然不得不关闭实验室,作为对 COVID-19 危机的回应的一部分。由于康明斯团队迅速制定了将测试转移回印第安纳州哥伦布市的计划,测试团队组长亚历克斯. 马林. 克鲁兹也正在制订计划,以便在奥林匹亚大厦(OLY)完成关键测试-这一次,同时保持所有建议的 COVID-19 保障措施,包括六英尺的社会疏远规则。


在全球快速流行的大流行病引起的所有其他个人和专业压力中,来自 OLY 和康明斯技术中心(反恐委员会)的工程师和技师团队迅速集思广益了安全解决方案。

他们从在反恐委员会和 OLY 的很少使用的储藏柜中提取了超过50英尺的以太网和专用电缆。在一段时间内未使用的双程收音机被掸去。测试稍有重新配置,因此驾驶员和技师不必再坐在一起,但仍然可以使用无线电进行通信。




"我们从来没有任何疑问," 马林克鲁斯说,当被问及他是否曾认为,测试将不得不推迟。"我们只是专注于安全,并让我们相距六英尺."


除了克鲁兹之外,团队成员还包括谢莉 Knust、生硬 Barnhart、贾斯汀. 欧文、Ansh 夏尔马、Michael、Shashank 夏尔马、内斯·阿莫林戈麦斯、David L 亚当斯、阿伦法则 D Sundaravel、丹尼尔赫勒和罗伯特. 琼斯。




Cummins is a global power leader that designs, manufactures, sells and services diesel and alternative fuel engines from 2.8 to 95 liters, diesel and alternative-fueled electrical generator sets from 2.5 to 3,500 kW, as well as related components and technology. Cummins serves its customers through its network of 600 company-owned and independent distributor facilities and more than 7,200 dealer locations in over 190 countries and territories.




The recognition reflects the company’s broad approach to sustainability, including everything from Cummins’ efforts to shrink its environmental impact to corporate responsibility, health and safety, diversity and inclusion, financial success, innovation and governance and ethics. The company, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2019, is committed to staying in business for the next 100 years.

“When we initiated the World’s Most Ethical Companies recognition in 2007, the concept of companies proactively aligning profits and purpose seemed unlikely,” said Ethisphere CEO Timothy Erblich, upon announcing the group’s list, which Cummins made for a 13th consecutive year. “However, leading CEOs and organizations continue to prove our long-held hypothesis that conducting ethnical business is the key to maximizing profits.”


Ethisphere is  the global leader in defining and advancing standards of ethical business practices. It said 132 honorees representing 51 countries and 21 industries were included in the group’s 14th annual recognition. There were 14 newcomers to the 2020 World’s Most Ethical Companies list, while seven companies have received the designation every year since the list was first announced in 2007.



贯穿复原研究所已准备了 视频 ,以庆祝2020英雄。


康明斯已被任命为环境复原研究所的 印第安纳州复原英雄 列表,该名单表彰印第安纳州各地的个人和团体为应对气候变化和促进安全、健康社区而做出的努力。该研究所隶属于印第安纳州立大学。

"我们影响我们的环境,我们的环境影响我们," 研究所的主任珍妮特麦凯布说。"无论是冠状病毒、气候变化还是玉米产量,我们都生活在互联系统中。我们对这些联系的了解越多,我们就越能适应保护我们的健康、社区和经济的能力。

总部位于印第安纳州的康明斯因其 PLANET2050 环境可持续性战略 而获得认可,旨在降低公司对环境的影响。该战略于2019年发布,包括以科学为基础的目标,时间为2030,期望达到2050。康明斯是2020个英雄中唯一的一家公司。

这是学院第二年发布的一份名单。该研究所的使命是通过准确预测影响并有效地与社区合作以实施 "可行、公平和研究信息的解决方案",提高印第安纳州和中西部环境变化的适应能力。


康明斯被评为 " 全球供应商多元化与 包容性国际冠军" ,该产品旨在表彰领导全球范围内的采购工作的公司。这一认可来自三个团体:美国泛亚商会、全国同性恋商会、残疾人士: in、全球领先的商业残疾资源的非营利组织和 WEConnect 国际,这是一个将女性拥有的企业与世界各地的合格买家联系在一起的全球性网络。

康明斯仅在凯利服务、奔驰和 IBM 的合作伙伴名单上完成了4号。

WEConnect 国际首席执行官兼创始人伊丽莎白. 巴斯克斯表示: "如果您在任何业务领域都不提供资源,那么您就无法充分获得关键的创新和最佳的总价值选择,从而帮助您满足和预测客户的需求.""这一排名展示了对供应商多元化和包容性的真正全球运动的加速."



布莱尔. 克拉夫林是康明斯公司可持续发展通信署署长,于2008年加入了该公司,成为多元化通信总监。布莱尔出身于报纸背景。此前,他曾为印第安纳波利斯球星(2002-2008)和得梅因注册(1997-2002)工作。[电子邮件受保护]