康明斯职业文化系列 - 第2卷

Cummins sponsors over 100 Employee Resource groups that help create the right environment for success at Cummins by promoting diversity, inclusion, and lending their unique perspectives to identify opportunities that can enhance our business success.

These groups are open to all employees and are organized around dimensions of diversity such as race, ethnicity, country of birth, gender, sexual orientation, as well as broader themes such as individuals with disabilities, veterans, and new employees. The groups also focus on providing important cultural and business environment information to ensure Cummins’ success.

This interview is the second in a series of one-on-ones with members of our Women’s Resource Group, located in Southern Indiana. Bilwa is a Senior Product Validation Engineer based out of Cummins' Corporate Headquarters in Columbus, Indiana (US).

Q:          How did you discover Cummins and ultimately begin your career here?

A:           My dad was a mechanical engineer at Cummins for over 17 years. Growing up, I witnessed firsthand how Cummins fosters an environment of innovation and technological leadership. I was inspired by Cummins and its ability to constantly push the envelope to develop an unmatched portfolio of products that were environmentally friendly, cost-effective, and were leaders in every market and every application. As a hands-on person, I envisioned a career in engineering to develop the next generation of products to advance our society & its technology.  Cummins was a natural fit for my career goals. With encouragement from my dad, I started at Cummins as an intern over 5 years ago, and now am involved in developing the latest engine technologies to power the next generation of transportation systems.

Q:          Elaborate on how Cummins has affected your career.

A:           Cummins provides the opportunity to advance my career through a variety of educational and professional development activities. Having tremendous interdisciplinary talent at the company has provided an opportunity to work with leaders in a variety of different fields of science and engineering. I find this has broadened my exposure to new ideas and given me a chance to learn new skills at an accelerated pace compared to similar roles at other companies. This is critical for fostering a successful career as an engineer, and I’m thankful for mentors that constantly aid in my development and exposure to the current state-of-the-art technology. 

Q:          How have you experienced Cummins’ core values in your experiences with the company?

A:           The support and mentorship that I receive from my peers have been tremendous for my own personal and professional development. The highly dynamic and supportive environment at Cummins brings out the best in people and allows employees to reach their full potential.   The mentors and peers that I worked with every day have imparted tremendous knowledge and exposed me to ideas and innovative ways of achieving goals.

Q:          Are you involved with any Employee Resource Groups? How have those groups empowered you at Cummins?

A:           I am involved with the Women’s Employee Resource Group, Cross-Country mentoring program, and the Cummins-Purdue mentoring program at Cummins. Cummins provides excellent platforms to connect with people across the company, both regionally and globally. We share the same values, motivate one another and contribute on various projects towards a common goal. I’ve received substantial support from these groups, which has enabled me to maintain a healthy work-life balance and ensures outstanding productivity in the workplace.

Q:          How have you experienced diversity, inclusion, and belonging in your role at Cummins?

A:           One key way that inclusivity is fostered and encouraged is through the creation of an environment that allows for a diversity of ideas and approaches to a particular task or project.  This enables us to expand our horizons for tackling difficult technical problems and come up with the best solutions for our customers. I have witnessed firsthand how ideas from different people and their diverse backgrounds can be used to develop the best possible solutions for many technical problems.

Q:          How has Cummins allowed you to live your values at work?

A:           The core values of the company; Integrity, Diversity & Inclusion, Caring, Excellence and Teamwork resonate heavily with the way I approach my career.  These are core values that allow us to become industry leaders and develop the best solutions for our customers. Cummins is continually reinforcing its core values on a constant basis by emphasizing these values in every interaction with colleagues and team members, stakeholders, suppliers, and customers.  

Q:          How do you balance your personal life and professional life through Cummins? Discuss how

you make it work.

A:           Cummins has great mentors and leaders that provide tremendous support professionally through their vast knowledge and experience in the industry. This has personally allowed me to achieve balance by easily getting the support and experience I need at work. The culture at Cummins of diversity and inclusion also allows me to function effectively across cross-functional teams. On a personal level, the leaders in my team are deeply involved in setting professional goals and project plans in order for employees to have a healthy balance between company objectives and personal life.

Q:          What about your role at Cummins sparks passion for you?

A:           My role at Cummins is very challenging; I work to develop the future of engine technology and deliver the best results for our customers. I realize that my work at Cummins has a much larger impact on society and the environment globally. Cummins brand recognition is highly reputable worldwide and I’m proud to be a part of the Cummins family that delivers the best products and leading technology year after year.

Q:          How has Cummins made you more passionate about technology and innovation?

A:           Cummins engines are recognized globally, and we’ve been a pioneer in delivering best in class products worldwide since the beginning of the industry. This has a pronounced impact on me and has made me more passionate about contributing by delivering innovative and environmentally friendly technologies.


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Pramod 在新能源领域的职业生涯得益于他对新技术的热情

Pramod 苏雷什马加迪喜欢新的东西。通过新技术的发展前景,他获得了充分的满足。凭借他在新动力领域的职业生涯,他与客户合作,在新的可再生电池解决方案前沿。



Pramod 在完成研究生课程后加入了康明斯,在过去的六年中,他成为了一名熟练的控制工程师。他的康明斯之旅始于发动机业务部(EBU),在那里他开发并维护了软件,确保了用于发动机维修和制造的程序的正常运行。他在 EBU 工作了三年,此前他对新技术的热情将他拉到了新的电力业务部门。


在过去的三年中,他在新电力领域的责任不断发展,如今作为 电动巴士应用团队 的控制工程师,Pramod 负责将我们的电池与电动车辆(EVs)集成在一起。




Pramod 总部位于印第安纳州哥伦布市,但与横跨美国和全球各地的团队合作。除了他在哥伦布的直接团队外,Pramod 的职责还使他能够与位于俄勒冈州(美国)的人才沟通。米尔顿凯恩斯(英国);和印度。四个不同的时区,然而,康明斯卓越、团队合作和关怀的价值观是贯穿整个团队的共同主线。


Pramod 对新事物的迷恋有助于他轻松适应变化。COVID-19 与世界上的大多数国家一样,他的工作安排有所改变,但他仍然保持不变。

"我们的团队拥有面对面的文化,我们非常愿意能够向队友(尽可能)走过去,并迅速讨论问题,但现在我们必须通过电脑来完成,或者甚至是虚拟会议。尽管如此,我们的团队和我比以往任何时候都更倾向于在公司提供的在线虚拟通信能力,我们将继续保持压力. "


为了与未来的新发展和可能性保持联系,Pramod 永远不会停止学习。

"我的人生格言是" 保持饥饿;保持愚蠢,这是史蒂夫乔布斯的名言。我发现,做到这一点的最佳方法是保持对艰难工作的追求,并且好奇心足以为我的舒适区以外的项目提供志愿服务,因为它们为我的成长和学习提供了最佳的回报. "


新的电力拥有启动环境,人们愿意尝试新事物。借助电池技术,现状正在发生变化,因此,当有人提出了准确数据支持的新职位时,我们会尝试这样做. "

当被问及激励他的动机时,Pramod 与他分享,他通过完成项目并看到产品的正常运行而获得了满意度。

我在犹他州的斜坡上看到了 GILLIG 巴士的一台很酷的无人机视频 ,我感到非常自豪,因为他们是团队的一员,致力于使其发挥出色的性能。看到这段视频,我也提醒了我,康明斯对未来市场需求的良好定位是多么令人兴奋。



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在成长过程中,奥利维亚被鼓励对定型的女孩爱好和诸如芭蕾、啦啦队和洋娃娃等玩具进行兴趣。她并不喜欢这些东西,但她总是被她哥哥喜欢的东西吸引,比如汽车、ATVs 和其他机械利益。小时候,她经常在车上等的时候玩游戏-谁能说出停车场里其他车的最牌子和型号?随着她的成长,她的父母培养了这些非传统的兴趣,并帮助奥利维亚保持热情。

我的高中学生一般是通过艺术或体育而不是科学来吸引我,这使我非常不典型。当我在 "技术导论" 上注册为第一学期的大一新生时,五名学生中,我是唯一的女性。





奥利维亚在早期就首次被引入康明斯。在与许多柴油和发动机狂热分子一起成长的过程中,她参加了各种形式的卡车展示和比赛,包括在新泽西的跑道公园举行的类似柴油发动机的活动。在2016年的同一次活动中,她记得看到康明斯的大型帐篷展示了 X15,并聚集了大批人群。这激起了她的兴趣,特别是作为一名大学生对她的未来的思考。该年晚些时候,在瑞典会议上通过志愿服务的员工获得第一手信息,特别是其他女性工程师,她知道这是适合她的地方。



#ShapeTheWorld 的值



她接着指出,她认为 INWED 不会停止教育自己,担任工程方面的女性;她还认为,重要的是要重视教育他人,通过与她自己的网络中的其他女性工程师、男性同事、非工程师以及家人和朋友进行公开交谈,了解在男性主导的行业中,女性是什么样的人。她还需要像 INWED 这样的日子来庆祝、了解更多,并放大黑人、土著、有色人种(BIPOC)女性在工程支持平等方面的呼声。她鼓励其他人进行有关妇女、平等和促进变革的对话。


对康明斯的职业生涯有兴趣?单击 从我们的团队中阅读更多信息 搜索可用的机会.




瑞安 Sookhoo

我们当今的世界正处于前所未有的变革时代,保护我们的环境是全球关注的一年,而燃料电池和氢技术工程师瑞安 Sookhoo 自豪地处于领先地位。瑞安是众多新的工程师之一,通过收购 Hydrogenics,于2019加入康明斯,并对进一步开发氢能源市场的前景感到兴奋,以以环保可持续的方式满足世界日益增长的能源需求。



瑞安享有与一般社区的接口,并有机会向他们展示零排放燃料电池车辆的实际应用。他喜欢在每一天应用或机会都能改变的环境中工作,并且在新事物上工作的机会总是令人兴奋的。瑞安以氢技术为新类型的项目提供了自豪。他曾是众多 "第一类" 项目的一部分,但并非独自完成。







由于他的工程背景和角色的性质,他基本上是由结果驱动的,并且认为 " 如果您在开始某件事情时完成它" ,则在谈到他的工作方法时。" 我们为克服挑战而开发的解决方案使我们更接近最终目标。我们不会在障碍发生时放弃,我们会有创造性并下定决心完成我们已经开始的工作.


瑞安依靠开发和维护组织内外的关系来实现其目标,因此实践公开沟通是关键。 "沟通并非单向活动,通过问题进行讨论的重要性是无价的,建立融洽关系并引领我们取得稳定而有影响力的结果."


多年来,我一直与不同时区和国家的客户合作,因此使用技术来保持联系并保持项目进展对我来说并不新鲜。我们拥有继续远程开发业务的工具,市场兴趣依然强劲。但我确实期待着再次与客户、前景和 colleaues 见面。在这种新环境中,面对面的握手有些遗漏。

瑞安 通过在他的侧廊办公室举行的会议和来电,为他的一天增添了一些兴奋之情。 "我现在在家工作的地方非常受天气影响,在我的内部家庭办公室和前门廊之间分享时间,或者我想称之为我的外部家庭办公室."



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萨曼莎 Trissler 找到了她的合适人选








"我的实习经验包容性强,形式多样,并强调团队合作。我在这种环境中茁壮成长. "



"对我来说,角色模型无处不在。总是有新的东西需要学习,任何帮助我学习的人都可以成为新的榜样. "

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