C25G Gas Generator Series

C25G 燃气发电机系列

频率(赫兹) 50, 60
认证 全球合规性
燃料类型 稀薄燃烧气体

The new C25G is a high-efficiency gas generator series offering a total package of gas generator capabilities and innovative gas technology for prime and peaking power applications.


主电源 热电联产


The C25G is engineered to deliver superior fuel efficiency and provide you with reduced maintenance costs per kWh, together with an outstanding worldwide responsive support network to maximize your value and economy.




C25G generator features 1


C25G generator features 2




商业与机构 公用事业 陆用
Airports 垃圾填埋场 矿山
Universities 废水处理厂 制造业
监狱 电网稳定 石油和天然气
购物中心 厌氧消化器 温室
  独立电力生产商 农业


Wherever you are, whatever your job, Cummins expertise is Always On

Cummins offers customers unrivaled peace of mind when it comes to servicing and maintaining the C25G. Best-in-class aftermarket capabilities via your dedicated local contact, supported by a global system of service technicians, engineers and part distributions facilities in over 190 countries.

Cummins Infographic Map


  发电机组型号 C500N5C C580N6C
  赫兹 50 60
管道天然气 ISO电效率(%) 41.6 40.6
  ISO热效率(%) 50.4 51.2
  ISO Fuel Consumption kW 1203 1429
  Usable Heat kW 606 731
  最低甲烷量 75 72
低BTU ISO电效率(%) 39.5 38.60
  Energy Content 14 - 28.8 MJ/Nm3 400 - 830 BTU/scf
4.9 x 1.8 x 2.2 4.9 x 1.8 x 2.2
  温升(摄氏度) 80 - 105 80 - 105
250 - 500 0.5 - 1.0
发电机型号 千韦 赫兹 燃料类型 认证
C500N5C 500 50 Lean-Burn Gas, Gas 全球合规性
C580N6C 580 60 Lean-Burn Gas, Gas 全球合规性


  • Excellent Power Density – 500kW (50Hz) & 580kW (60Hz) from a 25L engine
  • High Electrical Efficiency – Up to 41.6% (50Hz) and 40.6% (60Hz) on pipeline natural gas down to 71 MN (50Hz) and 68 MN (60Hz), meeting ISO standards


  • – Pipeline natural gas down to 60 MN, biogas fuels down to 18MJ/Nm3 (485BTU/scf) at full power, as low as 14MJ/Nm3 (375BTU/scf) with 70% derate; contaminant capability on aggressive fuels


  • Ambient Temperatures – Achieves 500kW (50Hz) in ambient temperatures of 41°C and 580kW (60Hz) full power available up to 34°C. Reliable power up to 52°C with derate for both 50Hz and 60Hz models.
  • Altitude Capability – 50Hz models achieve full power up to 1600 meters, maximum 2000 meters with minor derate. 60Hz models achieve full power up to 1300 meters, to a maximum of 2000 meters with minor derate


  • Low NOx Emissions– As low as 250 mg/Nm3  (0.5g/hp-hr) without aftertreatment, compliant with EU Medium Combustion Plant Directive (MCP) and US EPA NSPS Stationary compliant capable.
  • Grid Code Compliance - Meets CE, UL, CSA, ENTSO-e Grid Codes (e.g. RfG, VDE, G99) and EAC (Russian Customs Union) requirements & certifications

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