频率(赫兹) 50, 60
燃料类型 柴油
额定功率 kW 千伏安
备用 137-205 171-256
主用 124-188 155-234


租赁 主用 电影网站 焊接 联运 铁路 破碎/采矿 灯塔 石油和天然气 备用


The new Cummins G-Drive engines are designed with next generation aftertreatment technology, providing an optimised solution to meet EU Stage V, and US Tier 4 Final emissions. This unique and simplistic design brings an improvement in reliability and fuel economy, as well as longer intervals for scheduled maintenance.

发电机型号 赫兹 主用千伏安/千瓦 备用千伏安/千瓦 RPM 燃料类型 认证 规格表
B6.7-G17 50 155 / 124 171 / 137 1500 柴油 EU Stage V, EPA Tier 4F 规格表
B6.7-G17 60 176 / 141 194 / 155 1800 柴油 EU Stage V, EPA Tier 4F 规格表
B6.7-G18 50 216 / 172 235 / 188 1500 柴油 EU Stage V, EPA Tier 4F 规格表
B6.7-G18 60 234 / 188 256 / 205 1800 柴油 EU Stage V, EPA Tier 4F 规格表

Integrated Aftertreatment Design. Full single module (DOC/DPF/SCR) with compact size for reduced installation impact. Industry leading DPF technology expertise with best in class reliability and service intervals.

EGR-Free Design (supported by better NOx conversion performance) allows a higher sulphur tolerance for global capability and puts the B6.7 and L9 on par with lower emissions level engines. A streamlined design also delivers a significant reduction in installation complexity and cost.

Improved Performance Higher power density (vs Tier 4F). Meets ISO 8528 transient and steady state performance.

Air Control Throttle Reduced operator interface, intake throttle for increased thermal management capability. Aftertreatment specification capable of low load operation up to -25º C.

Cooling System 50ºC LAT capability with noise optimized fan.

Air Cleaner Normal and heavy-duty air cleaner options.