Cummins Technologies India Pvt. Limited

Cummins Technologies India Pvt. Ltd. was formed in 2008. The entity encompasses eight divisions - Cummins Turbo Technologies, Cummins Emission Solutions, Cummins Business Services, Cummins Fuel Systems India, Cummins Technical Center India, Phaltan Engine Plant, Global Analytics Center (GAC), and Supply Chain Operations (SCO). 

  • Cummins Turbo Technologies (CTT)- a collaboration between Tata Group and Holset (a Cummins-owned company) is the global leader in the forefront of air handling engineering design, producing some of the most durable and innovative turbochargers to meet global challenges of emission reduction, fuel efficiency and total cost of ownership for engines from 3 to 95 liters.  

  • Cummins Emission Solutions is a leading global designer, integrator, manufacturer and distributor of exhaust aftertreatment systems and components for ‘on and off-highway’ medium duty, heavy duty and high horsepower engine markets.  

  • Cummins Business Services is headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, USA. The entity handles shared services like payroll, travel and customer care around the world, including India.

  • Cummins Fuel Systems India enables customers to meet increasingly stringent emission requirements while maximizing fuel economy through precise injection of highly pressurized fuel. The company caters to mid-range, heavy duty and high horsepower applications in both on and off-highway markets.

  • Cummins Technical Center India is the leading center in India equipped with world-class laboratories and engineering facilities for designing technologies for the future for Cummins businesses worldwide.

  • The Phaltan Engine Plant manufactures QSK 23L & 60L engines along with critical components machining.

  • The Global Analytics Center (GAC) is a knowledge processing hub set up to support non-engineering business functions and processes to fulfill the analytical needs of various Cummins businesses globally in an integrated way.

  • The Supply Chain Operations has been established to accelerate synergies and value within the Purchasing, Logistics and Planning, Parts Distribution Center, and New and ReCon Parts Operations.

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