Case Studies

Cummins customer case studies. Real-world examples of Cummins power.

These customer stories demonstrate our commitment and success in providing customers like you with improved power solutions through world-class innovation in a number of industries. Cummins will partner with you to solve your unique challenges, as we have in this selection of success stories from around the world.

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Challenge:  To install a reliable critical protection power system for Digital Realty to meet stringent Tier 3 certification requirements, as defined by Uptime Institute.
Challenge:  To install a reliable standby power system for the LG CNS Busan Global Data Center, ensuring service continuity and preventing data loss in the event of a power failure.
Challenge:  Cummins was entrusted to supply the Twin Arrows Navajo Casino Resort in a rural location with emergency standby power. The critical need for standby as a gaming operation is so the resort wouldn’t lose power to the gaming floor or the gaming slot systems to maintain play on the floor.
Challenge:  Design a backup power system tailored to meet NEXTDC’s criticality level requirements and install it in an unconventional environment, but also meet the customer’s rapid time to market demand without comprising the integrity of the work and equipment.
Challenge:  To reduce reliance on National Grid by upgrading the university’s 32 years old cogeneration solution. Using technology that complies with environmental regulations and can run continuously on a 24/7 basis, while being able to fit into a limited allocated space.
Cummins power solution for KBC Bank   Challenge:  KBC Bank and its Hungarian subsidiary K&H selected Cummins for standby power at two of the bank’s mirrored data center sites in Hungary.
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