Indonesian SAR Vessels

SAR 104 on sea trials powered by Cummins

About 6,000 of Indonesia’s 17,508 islands are inhabited by over 250 million citizens. Many of these citizens earn their living on the sea or live near the 54,720 kilometers of coastline. In addition to the islands, the country has 93,000 square kilometers of territorial waters.

SAR 103, KN WISNU on the hard showing bulbous bow and thrusters

The huge archipelago is located on the major maritime trade routes between the Indian and Pacific Oceans. The Indonesian seas are also traversed by nearly uncountable numbers of local craft from ferries to fishing boats. ‘to help keep these waters safe from all professional mariners, fishermen, and recreational boaters, the Indonesian government maintains search and rescue (SAR) vessels in the BASARNAS fleet.

The large volume of marine traffic gives the nation a huge responsibility in terms of marine seach and rescue. At the same time the many islands located on major fault lines and with several active volcanos, provide some unique search and rescue challenges. Not only are boats required for marine rescue or terrestrial evacuation, they must also be ready to transport SAR personnel to remote spots.

In January of 2020, BASARNAS took delivery of two significant additions to their fleet of SAR vessels, the KN SAR WISNU and KN Kamajaya. Each of these SAR vessels is 68 by 12-meters with a 5.5-meter molded depth, giving these sizable vessels significant capacity for transporting SAR crews and for rescuing victims of marine or terrestrial disasters. The WISNU and KAMAJAYA will also be fitted with ROVs and sophisticated sonars for underwater searches.

The three sets of gauges for the three Cummins KTA50 main engines in SAR103

For rapid and redundant propulsion, the sleek new SAR vessels are each fitted with three powerful Cummins KTA50-M main engines. Each of these engines delivers 1800 HP at 1900 RPM to propellers through ZF 5055 gears. This propulsion gives the vessel a 20-knot working speed. Two bowthrusters assure a high level of maneuverability when holding location for emergency duties.

In addition to its notable functionality, the latest additions are good looking ships and a credit to their builder and in-house designer PT. Karimun Anugrah Sejate of Batam, Kepulauan Riau. The ships, with their bright red hulls were delivered to BASARNAS with a ceremony at the builders’ shipyard in Batam, in January 2020.
Photos courtesy of PT ALTRAK

Download KTA50 Spec Sheet

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Boat Designer and Builder: 
PT. Karimun Anugrah Sejati 
Jl. Brigjen Katamso, 
Tanjung Ucang - Batam. 
Kepulauan Riau (KEPRI). 
Phone. +62 778-7495588
Cummins Engines supplied by: 
PT. ALTRAK 1978 Batam Branch. 
Jl. Engku Putri Kawasan Pertama Sarana Unggulan, Komplek Sarana Industrial Point Blok C1-C2, Batam Center , Batam 29461. Kepulauan Riau (KEPRI). Indonesia.
Phone. : +62 778- 471978
Contact: Kuncoro HADI
Email: [email protected]
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Marketing Communications Leader, Marine and Oil & Gas
Cummins Inc.
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Alan Haig-Brown

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