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Incat-Crowther's Fast Supply Vessel in profile.

We have grown accustom to big projects in the offshore oil industry, but Brazilian vessel owners keep raising the bar. The most recent “biggest” announcement tells of the order of 12 Fast Supply Vessels (FSV) for work with Petrobras, Brazil’s semi-public multinational energy corporation with headquarters in Rio de Janeiro. The vessels will be owned by Baru Offshore, a joint venture between Intertug and Senior Navegação. All 12 FSVs will be built at the Estaleiro ETP in Rio de Janeiro.

Designed Incat Crowther with the support of their Morgan City, Louisiana office, the 48-meter mono-hulls incorporate a number of interesting features. A 9.5-meter beam affords a large 225 square meter cargo deck. Forward on the main deck a 30 square meter covered cargo area is designed for transport of groceries and other rain sensitive cargos. This forward area also provides a space for six passengers that can also be used as a conference room.

Tanks will be provided for 44,600 litres of ships fuel and another 90,600 litres of cargo fuel. Tanks will also be provided for 9,000 litres of potable ship’s water with an additional 91,000 litres of fresh cargo water. Below decks in the 4.25-meter depth of the hull accommodation will be provided 11 crewmembers in six cabins as well as a mess, galley and heads.

Propulsion for these big FSVs will be four Cummins QSK50-M IMO Tier II compliant engines each delivering 1342 kW (1800 HP) at 1800 RPM to fixed-pitch propellers. The designed service speed is 21 knots and a maximum speed of 25 knots. The boats will be fitted with a pair of 150 HP electric tunnel bow thrusters.

Two Cummins QSM11-CP powered 300 kW AC440V, 60Hz generators, built by Cummins’ new Center of Excellence in Singapore, will provide electrical auxiliary power.

The 12 vessels will be classed by DNV to +1A1 HSLC (bra) R1 Service 2 EO. To operate in Brazil for Petrobras the boats have been designed to comply with the UR4000 FSV specifications. Project support will be provided directly by the Macae, Rio de Janeiro service group.

For further information:

Matheus Vilela
Gerente Geral
Baru Offshore Navegação Ltda
Email: [email protected]
Mobile: 55 21 7987 3140
Office: 55 21 2588 8054

Estaleiro ETP
Avenida Almirante Barroso, nº 97 – 8º andar – Centro
Rio de Janeiro – RJ – CEP 20031-005
Phone: 55 21 2533-3351
Fax: 55 21 2533 3467
Email: [email protected]

Incat Crowther USA
506 First St
Morgan City
LA 70380
PO Box 1487
Morgan City
LA 703801
Phone: 985 385 3176

Antonio C. Colares
Cummins Vendas e Serviços de Motores e Geradores Ltda-Rio de Janeiro
Av Brasil, 20205
CEP 21515 000 Fazenda Botafogo
Rio de Janeiro
Phone: 55 21 2196 3131
Email: [email protected]

Olmedo Farfan
Latin America Sales & AE Manager
Engine Business Unit – Commercial Marine
Tel: 843 745 1581
Cell: 843 298 4580
E-mail: [email protected]

Alan Haig-Brown

Alan Haig-Brown

Over 30 years as an author for global commercial marine and fishing publications backed with hands-on experience on commercial fishing boats and coastal freighters makes Alan Haig-Brown uniquely qualified to provide vessel reference articles for Cummins Marine. You can find him in shipyards around the world, and on his own website,

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