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Cummins has three legal entities of Cummins Inc. in Korea, which are Cummins Korea, Cummins Filtration (Cummins Component Korea) and Cummins Sales and Service Korea. With 5 operating offices, 1 filter plant, 2 warehouses and over 30 dealers in Korea. Cummins is committed to providing exceptional sales, service and parts support for all Cummins engines, generators, and components. 

Cummins was first introduced in Korea when it started supplying products to the railroad administration in 1950. In 1976, it signed a sales and service dealership agreement with Hwachang Trading. Ever since then, Cummins has responded nimbly to diversifying customer segments and advancing engine technologies by adopting best service tools.


Cummins Korea Ltd. | Engine Business Unit

Cummins Korea was established in 1991 solely thanks to the investment of Cummins, Inc. Cummins has supplied engines to STX Corp. since 1981 under an engine assembly production license contract. In 1988, it became the first company in Korea to supply engines to construction equipment manufacturers. With the long history of supplying marine engines, Cummins has played a significant role in the development of large high-performing vessels and the modernization of fishing vessel equipment as well. 

Cummins provides engines for large trucks, buses, and construction equipment like excavators and loaders. We supply these engines to OEM partners of construction equipment, commercial vehicle, and marine application manufacturers such as Hyundai Heavy Industries, Zyle Daewoo Bus, Tata Daewoo Commercial Vehicle Company, and Doosan Infracore. We also provide aftermarket support and tech support for marine engine building. 

The goal of Cummins Korea is to bring engine technology of Cummins to the diversifying and advancing equipment market so that the industry can promptly meet the needs of engine buyers. We also seek to provide help with the development of the industry, boost in exports, and prosperity of communities. All Cummins employees are working with great passion to realize this goal.


Cummins Filtration Ltd. | Component Business Unit

Cummins Filtration Ltd. started the business in Korea as a JV for filtration. Now an affiliate of Cummins, it provides advanced filter media and key engine components such as Filters, Turbochargers, Aftertreatment, and Fuel systems to Doosan Infracore, Tata Daewoo, Hyundai Motor Company, Hyundai Construction Equipment, Volvo Group, DAF Trucks, Komatsu, Daimler Trucks, and many more Korean and international clients. 

Since Cummins Filtration Suwon Plant was established in Suwon Industrial Complex in June 2011, we have manufactured and exported advanced filter media for liquid and air filtration. The eco-friendly Suwon Plant oversees advanced processes that meet global standards. It acquired industrial certificates such as ISO 9001 (quality), 14001 (environment), and ISO1800 (safety). Currently, a total of 60 employees work in collaboration and mutual respect in departments of safety, business planning, engineering, manufacturing, quality, maintenance, and production support.

Cummins Component Business Unit owns a Turbocharger & Aftertreatment lab and a warehouse in Hwaseong in order to provide full support for technology and supply chains. 


Cummins Sales and Service Korea Co., Ltd. | Distribution Business Unit

Cummins Sales and Service Korea was established in 1996 with 100% investment of Cummins, Inc. Since then, Cummins Sales and Service Korea has dedicated itself to providing best Sales, Service, and Support for generators, generator engines, road/marine diesel and gas engines, parts, and other power sources of numerous industries. Cummins Sales and Service Korea has also provided tech support, aftermarket support, training, and volunteering whenever and wherever there’s a need. It now has about 30 dealers in Korea, including the office in Pangyo and the headquarters in Cheonan.  

Cummins engines and generators that meet toughening emissions regulations are a testament to the ongoing technological advancement in Cummins. We provide safe and clean energy in cities, remote areas, data centers, plants, and commercial facilities. Cummins is proud to provide best products and services to meet growing demand for Cummins engines and generators both in the local aftermarket and overseas. That sense of pride and responsibility is what makes Cummins a reliable and trustworthy company. 

Our promise is to deliver exceptional products, dependable application support and aftermarket services, and reliable support, when and where you need it. Our goal is to keep your success in business and your equipment on the job and operating at its peak efficiency.

Please visit our locations page for contact information, hours of operation, and directions to the nearest Cummins Sales and Service Korea location in your area.


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