Cummins Fire Pump Drive Engine Selector

Cummins fire pump drive engines are designed to help you power through building disasters. Whether it be a small copier fire in the office or a major thermal event on an oil platform, turn to us for fail-safe products and peace of mind. Out team offers you customizable expertise backed by the reputability and reliability of a world leader in engine technology.


Pump Information
VSPLC Information
Engine Derate (%):
Available US NSPS Engine:
Available Non-Certified Engine:
Minimum Engine Speed (RPM):
Z Factor:
Trimming Capabilities (PSI):
Max System Pressure without VSPLC (PSI):
Adequate Pressure Trimming Available:
System Pressure with VSPLC (PSI):
Anticipated Trim Speed At Churn (RPM):
Based on your estimated power needs, we think this model would be a great fit:

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