Our Journey: Technical Women’s Initiative

“Can you do a project to look at barriers and enablers to have more women in the engineering function?” That was the question posed to Anne McLaren and other Cummins engineers dedicated to improving the representation of technical women at Cummins.

That project led to the Cummins Technical Women’s Initiative, which celebrated its tenth anniversary in 2017. The goals of this initiative are to attract, develop, and retain technical women at all levels and in all regions, and to have technical women equally represented across all levels of leadership.

New Cummins Powers Women Program to Accelerate the Advancement of Women and Girls Around the World

Cummins has been grounded since its founding in the belief that wherever the company operates, it will leave communities stronger than it found them. Building more prosperous communities isn’t just better for the people living in them, it’s better for the company’s business and society at large.

Now Cummins is helping to empower a global community that needs support – women and girls.

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