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Where We Are
Cummins Mexico has operations in Ciudad Juarez and San Luis Potosi.

What We Do
There are several Cummins business units represented in Mexico including Fuel Systems, Engine Business, Filtration, ReCon and Parts Distribution, and Power Generation. Cummins Mexico ships more than 370,000 parts annually.

Who We Are

Cummins approached Diesel Nacional (DINA), based in Mexico City, in the spring of 1963 to assemble a new line of light- and medium-duty Cummins engines. In 1968 Cummins began manufacturing a new line of engines with Mexican help and in 1980 they formed a joint venture with DINA, moving operations to San Luis Potosi. ReCon began operations in Juarez in 1984 and a second ReCon plant was established in San Luis Potosi in 1993. In 2006, the joint venture became known as Cummins Juarez.