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Investing in a vibrant and economically viable community in our headquarters location of Columbus, Ind., has long been an important objective for Cummins. This vision started with Cummins’ former Chairman and CEO J. Irwin Miller, who stated:

Miller, who had a lifelong interest in architecture, understood that Cummins’ success in retaining the best and brightest employees was closely tied to the company’s ability to attract this talent to Columbus. The Architecture Program became a formal part of the Cummins Foundation in 1960. It began with schools, but later grew to encompass all facilities in Bartholomew County owned and operated by public tax dollars.

The program has become a major economic asset to the worldwide headquarters for Cummins. More than 50 projects have been sponsored by the Cummins Foundation and numerous other significant works of architecture in the community have been privately commissioned.

The Cummins Foundation will recommend architects and provide funds for the design portion of the architect fees for selected public projects to encourage architectural excellence in Bartholomew County.

To learn more about the Architecture Program’s history, how it operates and to see a list of all projects commissioned under the program for which architect’s fees were paid, please click here.

If you are interested in applying for a grant from the Architecture Program, please click here and send your completed materials to:

The Cummins Foundation
500 Jackson Street
M.C. 60633
Columbus, IN 47201
Fax: (812) 377-7897