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Corporate Responsibility
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Cummins has a long history of corporate responsibility, based on the framework of linking the impact on our stakeholders to responsible business decisions. Our employees have invested talent, passion and resources into trying to solve problems in our communities and society since the company's inception in 1919. This heritage is reflected in a statement made by former Cummins CEO J. Irwin Miller more than 40 years ago:

Corporate Responsibility is one of Cummins’ six core values. Far more than just philanthropy, Corporate Responsibility means not only making responsible business decisions, but affirmatively reaching out to help our communities and engage our workforce in addressing community needs.

This implies a broader level of involvement: engaging in dialogue around problems; building coalitions around solutions; and finding resources and skills to build the capability of our communities.

Cummins believes a company is only as healthy as the communities where we do business. Acting responsibly will contribute to the company’s health, growth, profitability and sustainability. This includes:

  • Decision making that considers our responsibility to a full array of stakeholders.
  • Setting a high standard for all aspects of corporate citizenship.
  • Using our values, talents, resources and global position to drive improvement in our communities and the world.