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For Customer Assistance, contact 1-800-DIESELS(1-800-343-7357)
If you are located outside of North America, you can reach us at 812-377-3000.
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Employment OpportunitiesInterested in working for an innovative, globally diverse company? Visit our Careers site to find jobs and understand how we are "Working Right." Global Recruting
fyi - the email account is only monitored for specific questions  and has an auto-response (http://careers.cummins.com/us-canada/search-jobs/search-job-faqs) to handle all other enquiries.
Investor RelationsInvestor Relations provides financial information to assist current and potential investors.Mark Smith
Executive Director
Investor Relations
Press ContactsOur Investors and Media section provides links to press releases and more.Jon Mills
External Communications
Phone: 317-610-4244
Email: jon.mills@cummins.com
Submit an IdeaIf you have patented an invention, then Cummins welcomes your submission for consideration.IP Admin


For broken links or questions regarding content on the Cummins website, please contact the webmaster. For all other inquiries, please contact Customer Care at 1-800-DIESELS (1-800-343-7357). If you are located outside of North America, please call 1-812-377-3000.